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Doing anything with a newborn isn’t easy. Especially moving far away. With sleep schedules up in the air and exhaustion fogging up parents’ minds, the idea of participating in yet another Giant Life Decision may conjure dread.

Ever seen the Werner Herzog movie “Fitzcarraldo”? In it, hundreds of Peruvian natives were hired to move a 320-ton steamboat over a mountain. It’s an insane premise. Just like moving with a newborn. But friends keep breathing because it can be done and it will be done.


To hire a mover or to do it yourself is a big question that the two…

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Friends, great news!! I just took the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test. Turns out, I’m an INFJ. Of the 16 personality categories, that’s the rarest one. One in 100 people is an INFJ. We’re talking full unicorn here. So an online internet test has made it official: I’m better than you!

Let me break down this alphabet soup here. The “I” stands for Introverted. The “N” for Intuitive. The “F” for Feeling. “J” is Judgement or Extraverted Thinking — which I totally do all the time. I get chills talking about it.

Traits associated with INFJs: Quiet. Mystical. Idealist. I’ve always suspected…

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Your handwriting is terrible and you know it. Your significant other is always asking what a particular scribble is on a shopping list. Of course you wrote “berries” but they scrunched their nose at it for five minutes before giving up and buying “cabbage”.

In the digital age, handwriting seems as quaint as building a ship in the bottle. For many it conjures sitting in an elementary classroom and the tedium of trying to fit loops within dotted horizontal lines.

Cursive may be a dying art but there are always cards to send, notes to scribble, postcards to post and…

You’re hosting an informal dinner party and don’t have a whole lot of cooking experience. Now is not the time to impress your friends by making Duck Pâté en Croûte. Consider cooking something simple. That way you’re not wasting time visiting three different grocery stores for that hard-to-find ingredient. Nor do you want to spend four hours working up a sweat and a mound of dishes in the kitchen. An easy menu ensures you aren’t exhausted, stressed out and worrying if you’ve somehow poisoned your guests.

You can’t go wrong with pasta puttanesca. This means “whore’s sauce” in Italian and…

Like eating healthy, keeping a diary, flossing, or just being a good person, going to the gym on a consistent basis is hard. The initial burst of enthusiasm of getting up before the sunrise and hustling over to work the triceps is easily wiped away by that first early morning torrential thunderstorm. You return back into the arms of your loving, warm bed and remain there. Excuses follow. Habits die. The guilt festers. The body atrophies.

It’s been over a year since I got my swole on. Science says it’s good for you. My body knows that but my brain…


Rangy, mangy and ready to lie down for a nap. Comedyman, Musicianman, Candyman

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